Windmark Beach Wedding Venues

Windmark is the perfect place for your event. 

Windmark's beautifully landscaped outdoor venues are perfect for your beach wedding destination.  We have homes and condos located in the community to fit all of your family and friends.  Book a home for the Bridal party and get ready in style for your big day!!


The pool green is located at the Village Center Community Pool. This area holds approx. 150 guests and gives a beautiful setting for a ceremony or reception.



The boardwalk is located within the Village Center area. A fabulous location for your wedding ceremony with views of the water and amazing sunsets. This area holds approx. 150 guests.



The outside theatre area is located within the Village Center. This area holds approx. 200 guests and makes a perfect gathering spot for that special day.


GREENBELT PARKS (by fire pit)

This outside venue makes for a breath taking setting for your ceremony or reception. With amazing views of the water and the sunset, it will host approx. 100 guests.



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