WindMark Beach, Florida

Beachfront Resort Community

Centrally located between the two popular beach areas of Mexico Beach and Cape San Blas, Windmark Beach is St. Joseph Bay's newest treasure.

Designed to offer a comfortable blend of urban excitement and coastal tranquility. Throughout WindMark Beach, the architecture reflects a simple, time-honored connection to the region and its history. Common areas are seaside chic, with wide windows for incredible views of the bay. And nearly every structure is built with a metal roof, an architectural element that's been in use in the region for over a century.

The homes at WindMark Beach blend right in with this beautiful setting, and are as comfortable and tranquil as the land around them. Like the homes of this area's original settlers, these homes have pitched metal roofs to carry away rain, and deep overhangs to provide shady retreats.

This planned beachfront resort community located on the outskirts of historic Port St. Joe somehow settles so naturally into its surroundings, you cannot imagine there was ever a time it wasn't here. Natural vegetation and dune formations have been preserved, highlighted and showcased in their own special coastal setting. A unique system of pedestrian and bicycle trails, boardwalks and cart paths weave through the pristine landscape to connect Town Center with the tranquil homes and other vacation accommodations offered in this remarkable resort community.

Accents on outdoor living encourage a vacation of participation in all this north Florida coastal area affords; deep-sea chartered fishing trips, exciting day-shopping excursions, coastal kayaking adventures, near-shore fly fishing challenges, strolls along quiet uncrowded beaches to collect colorful seashells, wreck diving and bay snorkeling and so much more. There is always an adventure awaiting the adventurer, and Windmark Beach is not only where your coastal adventure begins, Windmark Beach is the peaceful harbor to which you can always return at the end of the day to relax, unwind, enjoy.

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