Owner Testimonials


"When we first heard the name No Worries we knew that it applied to the guests, but now we know that it applies to the homeowners as well. With Zach and the No Worries team managing things we don't have to worry about problems that come up during rental season. They have taken care of all issues with our home and our guests. Starting our third rental season with No Worries we also don't have to worry about rental occupancy. We have almost tripled our rental income since starting with No Worries in 2012. Thanks again Zach and the No Worries team."

Ann & Jay Reed


"No Worries Vacation Rentals is just that, no worries! As a homeowner I rely on their professional team to handle all the details that go with managing my beachfront rental property. They take care of the property like it was their own home and each guest like it was their own family. I can rest comfortably knowing that my business interest are well attended to and our guests are going to leave happy and well rested. No Worries is more than a name, it is their mission."

David Warriner


Professionalism, Integrity and Customer Service is what the team at No Worries Vacation Rentals delivers to us and our guests. We live a long distance from our vacation property and needed people we could trust to manage the property and the clients who rent it. Zach Ferrell and his team continue to exceed our expectations. As their name implies " No Worries"

Terry and Kayla Koehn


Dear Zach and everyone at No Worries Vacation Rentals:

Colleen and I wanted to thank you for all that you have done to make our beach home ownership experience on Cape San Blas go so smoothly. We appreciate your attention to detail in protecting our asset while at the same time generating fantastic rental income for us. Your knowledge of the area, décor suggestions, top notch website and keen ability to source quality renters has made it a pleasure to do business with you. You have earned our trust and loyalty as our exclusive property management company.

Without reservation we recommend No Worries to anyone interested in beach home management services and would be happy to speak directly with any potential client you might have.

Thanks again for all the attention you give us.

Mike & Colleen Wellman


Zach Farrell and the staff at No Worries Vacation Rentals have made the experience of owning and renting our beach home as trouble free as is possible! My husband and I built our home and take a lot of pride in the fact that we have a beautiful home and have furnished it with very nice furnishings and original artwork. We were not going to rent it out at all, so it is not a "hard use" year- round rental property. That said, we live 6 hours away and decided to rent it for 4 months per year. Our first experience with a rental manager was a fiasco. Some friends of ours rented it from the management rental site and phoned us to say they arrived to a dirty house. The kitchen wood floors were sticky, there was tomato sauce on the sides of the kitchen cabinets, and when they turned down the bedspread in one of the bedrooms there was sand in the sheets indicating they had not been changed from the previous renters. The bed had just been made up with the old sheets. Needless to say we were appalled! The contract that year was nearly up, so we let that management company go and the following year found Zach and No Worries Vacation Rentals by word of mouth from some local friends. We were hesitant to rent it out again, but we decided to try Zach and we couldn't be happier! Not only can renters expect the house to be in excellent shape when they arrive and have a handyman on call for those unforeseen instances when something might not be operating correctly, but as the homeowner I know that Zach and his staff only rent to families that care and take care of my property! I sometimes block a week during the rental season so that I can enjoy the summertime experience at the beach, and when I arrive the house is in pristine condition! Whether you are a homeowner considering using this company or a potential renter, know that you will get wonderful personalized attention and will have a wonderful experience!

Phil and Mary Jane Wolfe


Our family has been working with Zach Ferrell for about 5 years. We got to know Zach as we “rented our way into” the Forgotten Coast. Subsequently, he has helped us acquire a number beach-side properties, complete our home and now serves as our rental agent when we’re not in town. Zach Ferrell and his team at No Worries Vacation Rentals, do indeed make both the owner and renter experiences worry free.

Ron Stout

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