Unforgettable Coast

Located between Panama City, Florida and Florida's Big Bend, the beaches of Florida's Unforgettable Coast are a rare find. Protected by their location from the growth that has spoiled much of Florida's coastline, these white sand beaches offer a Florida that many vacationers have yet to experience.

Visiting the Unforgettable Coast for others, however, is a well-established tradition. Some families have visited these beaches for half a century or more, each generation passing the experience on to their children and grandchildren. A visit to the Unforgettable Coast changes your life, and the memories of days spent with those you love surrounded by such unspoiled natural beauty may very well become some of your life's most treasured possessions. The western half of Florida's Unforgettable Coast boasts one of the most pristine bay systems in Florida, and three of the most inviting beaches available anywhere on the Unforgettable Coast. The waters of St. Joseph's Bay are rich with marine life, including the very popular shellfish delicacy, succulent bay scallops.

Mexico Beach

Cape San Blas Beach

Windmark Beach

Mexico Beach, Florida

Mexico Beach is just north of the bay, and offers visitors miles of white sand beaches, a varied selection of gulf front vacation homes, motels, and restaurants and a small town, family-friendly atmosphere. Easy boating access to the Gulf of Mexico and a spacious fishing pier extending out over the emerald green surf make the community a popular fishing destination.

Cape San Blas, Florida

Cape San Blas is the narrow peninsula of sugar-white sand that separates St. Joseph Bay to the east from from the emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico to the west. The sparsely populated area is home to St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, and more sand dunes, sea oats and sea turtles than anything else, with just enough vacation rental homes to provide lucky vacationers a unique Natural Florida "Cape" experience. But Cape San Blas is so much more than that...

WindMark Beach, Florida

Centrally located between these two popular beach areas, Windmark Beach is St. Joseph Bay's newest treasure. This planned beachfront resort community somehow settles so naturally into its surroundings on the eastern shore of the bay, you can't imagine there was ever a time it wasn't here. A unique system of pedestrian trails, boardwalks and cart paths connect the shops, fitness center and restaurant with the comfortable and tranquil homes and other vacation accommodations offered in this remarkable community.More Information.