Cape San Blas, Florida

Experience Florida's natural cap and sugar white sands

Discover the narrow peninsula of sugar-white sand that separates the shallow grass flats of St. Joseph Bay to the east from the emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico to the west. 

The sparsely populated area is home to St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, and more sand dunes, sea oats and sea turtles than anything else, with just enough vacation rental homes to provide lucky vacationers a unique Natural Florida "Cape" experience.

But Cape San Blas is so much more than that.

Prior to your first visit, you may find yourself asking, "What is there to do if my family and I decide to vacation there?" Many visitors that spend a week enjoying the solitude offered at "The Cape", find themselves re-thinking what a family vacation should really be. If you still can, picture a pristine white-sand coastal area with no high-rise condos, more boardwalks than sidewalks, a couple of convenient places to buy the everyday necessities, and an environment that otherwise is as unspoiled by commercialism as any coastal area in Florida. This is Florida the way it used to be, except for the readily available, comfortable and affordable beach front and bay front homes that were designed and built with your vacation in mind.

This is one of those special places where you can still sit on the beach at night roasting hot dogs over an open fire, where your elderly neighbors might interrupt their quiet walk along the shoreline just long enough to ask if you are enjoying your stay...and they genuinely hope you say 'yes'.

This is one of those places where small children find things to do on their own, powered by eager imaginations just waiting to be released into the natural, unspoiled setting that is Cape San Blas. Memories of The Cape are easily planted in the soft sugar-white sand. Those memories are constantly watered by the sound of the crashing surf, and they grow into treasured traditions that find themselves passed down to another generation, another family with their own collection of memories to be made, and shared.

At the end of a stress-free day of play in the Florida sun, the whole family drifts off to sleep listening to the distant surf, and wakes again to new adventures - like a short walk to a refreshing dip in the Gulf of Mexico before breakfast, probably alone. No one really cares what the clock says, because there is nowhere you need to be. Meals happen whenever someone gets hungry, bedtime is whenever the afternoon nap wears off, and the end of the week sneaks up on you far too soon.

You owe it to yourself, and to your family to spend a week vacationing at The Cape. Most likely, you won't be able to explain the experience to anyone else, but it will be something special you will have shared together, and a treasured memory that none of you will ever forget.

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