Scalloping in Cape San Blas
Almost everyone loves the sweet and savory taste of scallops. Buying them in a market is fine but catching them can be exciting and fulfilling. It is not a very difficult process. After you catch them clean them and cook them, you will realize why...Read more
Scalloping Season Rental Deal
Have you been scalloping? It's a unique experience you must attempt if you consider yourself a true Florida beach goer! During scalloping season, we are making it even easier to experience! Book a qualifying stay in one of the Cape San Blas, Mexico Beach or...Read more
Woman Scalloping at Cape San Blas
Here are some of the best family friendly activities while on your Florida beach vacation in Cape San Blas. First on the list of fun-filled, family friendly excitement is Floridaze Adventures ! Getting you on the water is their priority and they offer a wide...Read more
Cape San Blas Vacationers on Bikes
Choose between adding 2 free bikes or 1 free kayak when you book a rental for a stay bewteen now and August 31st! *Restrictions apply, must be a new reservation to qualify. Cape San Blas Cape Cottage Cape Escape Halycon WindMark Portside Manner Mexico Beach SaltwindRead more
Momma Joes Pizza - Dinner in Cape San Blas
A trip to the coast of Cape San Blas wouldn’t be complete without dining out for fresh seafood for the entire family! Fried shrimp, raw oysters, sautéed scallops, and fish dip are just a few of the local favorites visitors delve into while visiting our...Read more