Top 3 Adventures to Experience in Mexico Beach

Welcome to the unforgettable coast! Mexico Beach and the surrounding communities of Cape San Blas, WindMark Beach, and Panama City Beach are iconic Northwest Florida destinations. Recognized by past and future visitors as a treasure, full of coastal adventures, and ideal for an escape from the hustle and bustle of a busy routine. Imagine a day full of sunshine, salt air, aquatic adventures, discovery, and relaxation. Are you ready to discover the Top 3 Things You Must Experience While in Gulf County? 

A Bay Adventure 

If you have visited St. Joe Beach, Cape San Blas, Mexico Beach, or WindMark Beach you may be privy to the world that continues to evolve underneath the surface of the water and throughout the ecosystem. Teaming with life, full of great escapes and no worries. Choose from a plethora of experiences, from scalloping in the bay to canoeing through the shores for bird watching and dolphin spotting. 

A Day on the Beach

What a concept, to simply spend a whole day from the early mornings where the dolphins play on the horizon to the peak of heat in the afternoon where if you're not submerged in water you must find the shade of the umbrella, and even into the evening. Sunsets transition to dusk and as the light of the day fades and melts into the water the last rays of light offer you pure satisfaction, a quiet and serene scope of what is beyond where the eyes can see. Relaxation and rejuvenation as you experience the unforgettable coast and no worries to boot. 

Local Charms 

Colorful and eclectic local boutiques welcome you as you arrive to the beautiful coast for your stay. Explore why these charming local establishments have become foundational in the Gulf County experience. Arrive a guest and leave a friend, knowing you will make memories beyond compare and as your stay comes to a close you may just begin planning your next getaway to the unforgettable coast before you even leave!