Scalloping Season | Dos and Don'ts

The 2020 Scalloping Season is in full swing for Gulf County! Opening on August 16th and ending on September 24th you still have ample time to fill your buckets, baskets, and bags with bay scallops fresh from the waters of your favorite Florida coast. 

Know before you go ~ prior to setting out on your scalloping adventure, make sure you are familiar with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) regulations. Following the guidelines and staying within weight limits will keep your fun filled day from being interrupted and potentially cut short. A Florida saltwater fishing license is required and FWC will and do patrol and check boats and limits. 

Check out a few dos and don'ts for your 2020 Scalloping Season and get ready to experience one of the unforgettable adventures along the Gulf Coast!

Scalloping Season Dos!

Do pack the following:

  • Mask and Snorkel
  • Fins
  • Sunscreen
  • Scallop Bag

Must Dos!

  • Know the limits for your catch 
  • Use a dive flag

Scalloping Season Don'ts!

  • Don't scallop alone
  • Don't forget your fishing license 
  • Don't take too many scallops (know your limits)
  • Don't wait too late in the season to go scalloping!
  • Don't miss out on your opportunity to adventure with No Worries!

It is legal to possess your scallops in any scallop hunting area. However, it is illegal to fish for scallops and then dock your boat in another area that is not in the scallop fishing area. For legal areas to fish in and posses your scallops visit the Scallop Hunter's website

The best depth to look for scallops is in 4-8 feet of water. The best water depth to find scallops is usually 4 – 8 feet. Look for clear water that have sea grass beds. The scallops should be in the sea grass or at the edges of sandy spots. Sometimes the scallops try to swim away from you. Do not be alarmed they don’t swim very fast or very far.

When you return to your vessel your scallops need to immediately be put into a live well or in an ice cooler. If you are using an ice cooler, be sure to keep the scallops away from the melted ice water runoff. Scallops are quite sensitive to temperature and will die rather quickly if they are not kept at the right temperature. A live well is best for scallops as it allows water to flow through keeping them at the right temperature. Please note any freshwater will also kill a scallop. The best arrangement is to keep them in a live well and then right before you clean them put them on ice.

Contact our team of vacation destination experts at No Worries and reserve your Scalloping Season getaway to the unforgettable ccoast ~ Gulf County!