Blast on the Bay Songwriters Festival ~ October 17th- 20th


Fall along the Gulf Coast is one of our absolute favorites! Festivals and events abound in and around the communities along the unforgettable coast!

This year will be the tenth anniversary of the Blast on the Blast on Bay Songwriters' Festival. It is that time of year when the air gets cooler at night, the sunset is simply breathtaking, and the salty night breeze is filled with the sultry voices of sounds that seem to come directly from Nashville.

Blast on the Bay has been hosting singer/songwriters for ten years. Over 30 musicians come to Port Saint Joe to sing and story tell. These musicians have written over hundreds of hit songs for the likes of Faith Hill, George Strait, Jason Aldean and even Garth Brooks. This year will be no different and even more impressive. Come on down and enjoy the cool fall weather with some fantastic sounds. Don't miss this fabulous annual event ~ October 18th 2019! Stay with No Worries and enjoy the show!

What's it all about? Proceeds from the event benefit the Coastal Songwriters Education Coalition Inc., a 501c3 not for profit.

Said best by one of our founding writers during an interview in the Port St. Joe Star Newspaper: A songwriters’ festival, Nashville songwriter Will Rambeaux said, is a chance to “reconnect to that skinny 18-year-old who wanted to be a rock star.” “Port St. Joe is what I’d call a boutique festival. It is not Key West, where they have something like 300 songwriters and which is the granddaddy of them all. But we keep it small, because we like it that way. The community, the venues, has their charms. We love it.”